Why should I work with Rockads?

Your big competitors do not deal with the problems of ad platforms such as “account closing, ad running failure, payment and credit problems”. Overcome these problems with Rockads premium assets and support.

Sustainable Advertising

Reduce the risk of getting your ads banned by 99% with the help of our experts. Ensure that your ad campaigns are compatible with the platforms on which the ad will run with the guidance service Rockads offers.

Creditline and Spending Limits

Easily solve credit limit or other payment problems while creating your ad campaigns with the solutions Rockads offers.

Lower CPM Cost

Platforms use "Machine Learning" algorithms to reach the right customer. Frequently banned ads make it impossible for platforms to learn to "reach the right customer". Sustainable ads, on the other hand, enable platforms to deliver better results. Increase the sustainability of your ads with Rockads support and ad account assets.

Insights and Guidance

We provide strategic insights and guidance to achieve better results. In addition, if your growth potential is good enough, we support you to compete by obtaining detailed market research and insights about your competitors.

Pixel and Other Technical Integrations

Pixel technologies are developed to make your ads perform better. With the end-to-end Pixel setup, you can better track your ad conversions and optimize your targeting. We provide guidance for all technical integrations.


Rockads establishes a direct line of communication between you and the advertising platforms with a trusted account representative. We discuss and resolve potential problems. Our goal is to help you build a seamless ad ecosystem. We're ready to assist with platform reviews, restricted ads, spending limits, and other issues.

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How do I start?

First, sign up for Rockads. Choose your platform and start quickly. You can contact Rockads representatives anytime for help.

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